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Using Only the Latest Technology

At Proper Chiropractic, we believe in leveraging technology to help us perform at our very best. As a result, our patients receive only the highest quality of care.

We incorporate NASA certified, space published technology as part of our assessment process. Utilizing these tools, including thermography, sEMG, HRV, and X-rays, helps us thoroughly evaluate your nervous system and muscles, uncovering areas of weakness, pressure, and subluxations. In turn, we can determine the best way to help you achieve better health.


CLA - NASA certified thermal technology at Proper Chiropractic in Aurora
CLA - NASA certified thermal technology at Proper Chiropractic in Aurora
NASA certified thermal technology
Thermal scan at Proper Chiropractic

Every step of the way, we encourage you to practice patience. The goal of every technique we use is to help your body realize its healing potential. And sometimes, time is necessary for healing to take place.

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